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Hey! My name is Parker! Straight from the D! Don’t worry... I won’t mug you. I’ll just be hanging out with you every weeknight right here on The New Mix 107.3! A little about myself, I literally just moved to Burlington from Detroit. Nope, I wasn’t lying. So, I like to call myself “on the market”. Don’t bring food around me that you plan on eating. I can’t help it, I just sniff things out. A good craft beer is always top priority for me. There isn’t a mighty Mississippi near Detroit, so I can definitely get used to that. What is your favorite thing to do every night?! Tell me at and I’ll talk to you 7-midnight on The New Mix 107.3!


Every night at 8pm, we count down the top 5 most requested songs of the day! It's the Top 5 at 8! Call me at 319-752-5477 (752-KGRS), hit me up on The New Mix 107.3 Facebook page, or email your requests to me at! 



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